About Us

Founded in 1989, for over 20 years Pragmatic Inc. has been helping people significantly improve their business.
Pragmatic Inc. helps you by providing or enabling powerful and accurate analysis of your specific proposed or existing operation.
Pragmatic results will help achieve:
        Capital Right Sizing
            →  to ensure profitable production capacity
        Significant Operating Savings
            →  for lowest cost operations
        Select Manufacturing Strategy
            →  get accurate results from alternate proposed strategies
Pragmatic results enable you to determine results from your decisions, before you have to make them.  Benefit from years of future results from a proposed operation, before it exists.  You can "try before you buy".
Pragmatic Specialization provides proven and experienced use of powerful tools and techniques focused directly on solving your specific issues.  This unique capability enables more accurate future results from complex operations to be determined more quickly, at the speed of business.
The Pragmatic Advantage provides maximum total return on your investment.  Improve a new or existing operation based on years of experience, before it is built.  You benefit from decades of proven experience focused directly on maximizing your profit.  This is exactly what we do, and we're the best at it.
Pragmatic simulation and optimization are proven approaches to rapidly achieve accurate results not otherwise possible using any other methods.
Pragmatic Personnel have decades of world leading experience, formal education and degrees, simply unmatched by generalized providers.
Pragmatic delivers results either from an analysis of your proposed operation, or provides tools for you to do the analysis.  Powerful custom models or applications are used to do the analysis implemented using public or proprietary tools and techniques.  We deliver results for answers you need, on time, within budget, at low risk, as promised.