Pragmatic Personnel

Eric Laub is the founder and principal of Pragmatic Inc. with over 30 years of applied specialized experience getting results in the competitive business world.

For example, when Arthur D. Little Inc. needed proven expertise for a high profile lawsuit, Mr. Laub was selected as the top expert in this field to perform the critical work.

Mr. Laub earned both his Graduate and Undergraduate degrees in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University in the early 1980s.  His extensive and thorough formal education included vital courses in simulation, optimization, as well as important related subjects required to get results in the business world.
Both his applied graduate thesis and undergraduate senior project were implemented and achieved sustainable important results.  Xerox had previously closed then reopened a large scale copier refurbishing facility.  This insufficient capacity planning resulted in tens of millions of dollars in unnecessary costs.   To solve this, (while working with Xerox on his graduate thesis), Mr. Laub designed and implemented a large scale multi-period production allocation optimization.  It determined shipping schedules, inventory levels, and production locations for refurbishing many types of copiers.  This both ensured profitable future capacity planning, and permanently saved millions of dollars on an ongoing operating basis.
While working for a large Government Research and Development Lab, Mr. Laub designed and implemented a very powerful and flexible network simulation.  It analyzed work flow through any of a variety of large complex material handling centers. Using techniques pioneered by Mr. Laub, this tool was able to analyze much larger and more complex systems than previously possible, and to do so very quickly.
This powerful and unique capability enabled him to determine a critical prototype machine needed to be improved before it was deployed to existing facitilies.  It worked perfectly in a lab, but if it had been used in the real environment would have caused rework and reduced quality.  By determining the impact to existing operations from an improvement to the prototype, over 200 million dollars was saved and quality was improved.
Mr. Laub worked for the Procter & Gamble Company on a wide variety of projects utilizing Simulation, Optimization, and other Operations Research techniques.  At P & G, Mr. Laub worked in both the Corporate Research & Development and Engineering Divisions.  This gave him valuable experience getting results in both corporate headquarters and technical center environments.  He developed and applied effective Simulation, Quality, Statistics, and Mathematical Optimization techniques to provide P & G with a sustainable competitive advantage.  His main focus was on the development and practical application of powerful simulation and optimization tools and techniques to help solve critical business problems, common in the Consumer Packaged Goods and similar industries.

Through decades of extensive work with many of the world's leading companies and their top experts, combined with his applied formal education in this field, Mr. Laub devised a powerful and effective approach to solving many business problems.  He then helped develop the first software package in the industry to enable this practical approach, wrote the book describing its use, and worked closely with hundreds of companies to help them understand and benefit from it.

While working in the core WITNESS Development Team, Mr. Laub was the top expert in getting business results with this technology.  He continually helped focus the development and use of this revolutionary approach to solving important business and manufacturing problems.  As a Principal Consultant, and then Principal Sales Manager of Northeastern America, Mr. Laub helped get results for hundreds of companies in many industries.  This company was then successfully sold to AT&T, and Mr. Laub founded Pragmatic Inc.